I need to ask you something!

Hey guys! It’s time for some serious one on one talk! I need to ask you for advice today! It’s about my school life! My horrible misshaped school life! If you Don’t know I hate school! And no it’s not because I hate learning: in my opinion, it’s the best part of the school (I’m not weird am I) ! It’s my social life! So I need help!

There are 16 girls in my grade! And every day we squadle up and just gossip! I hope I’m not the only one but I hate big large groups! I can’t stand them! My palms become all sweaty and my head begins to ache and everything just seems to bigger! I never felt like it’s a panic attack because I can just calm myself down in the same position and I’ll be fine! Does anyone else get this feeling and if you have panic attacks than pls tell me! I never know if I’m the only one!

There’s more as well! We have the bully part! Two bully’s in my case! These two girls (ill call them Lilly and Katerina because that’s there nicknames) have bullied my best friend! I’ve always encouraged her to go tell the head of the school but she’s not the most confident person on the planet! After a year of being bullied, I finally was able to convince her to go and tell. But now that has happened Lilly and Katerina have a different way of dealing with things! They begin to be mean to everyone! I have to admit it’s quite smart what they’ve done! So we aren’t allowed to say that she’s a horrible bully because she is just being mean to everyone so she’s not picking on someone! The more I write about it the more this sounds stupid but I hope you understand

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Feeling 2nd best

I was really scared to write about this topic! It’s just so hard for me! Recently I’ve been feeling like my mum loves my brother more than me! It’s a horrible feeling! I feel like I want to crash and burn! Everything she does that includes me seems dull and boring to her! I even made my dad a birthday present and she just said huh. Arggh, it’s so horrible to feel like that! There had to be someone out there who feels the same! Is there? To all people, here is what I do to rake my mind of it!

  1. Look at all the positive reasons! Ways that helped you or times you had great fun with them (if this is a bit like the things to do with mum). Even if they are hard to find just remember there is always something! I know we hear this a lot but it really does work!
  2. (this is for the ones that are related to me and my mum)! When we feel like someone likes someone else more then us it can be hard to notice the times they pay attention or show interest! So try and notice the good and happy times, not the dull and sad ones!

Try think of the thing that you are better than that person who over towers you! Don’t brag about it, just introduce it into a conversation! This may bring the attention on to you and will give you a bit of time to be better than the other person!

I really hope that this can help someone. If you do feel like this then tell me! I really want to know!

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Positive Blog

Yes, I know what you’ve been thinking: this is like the most negative blog I’ve ever seen in my life! I know! So here’s a page of positivity and a few ideas on what to do when your down!

  • Always remember the good things about yourself! I’m amazing, let’s do this!I think this is the best way to encourage yourself! It’s a lot easier to do this while looking in a mirror: but obviously, if you can’t do this at that moment then don’t.
  • If I’m at home and I feel depressed then this is the most amazing thing to do in the whole entire world Quotes” – Inspirational Sayings and Wallpapers by Skol Games LLC! It’s this app that has so many inspirational quotes to rise you up! Another good one is Funny Pics LOL! – Daily Laughs, Wallpapers, Quotes by Skol Games LLC. These apps just make my day when I feel a bit gloomy and dull and I Dont know what I’d do without them! Shout out to you SKOL GAMES LLC.
  • Put it at the back of your mind! Forget about it! I know this is easier said than done! But just stand straight and smile! I’ve mentioned this quote before: the trick to confidence is to throw your shoulders back and be friendly to people! I’m serious I know this may be hard but try!

I hope this brand a bit of positivity to you all!

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How to deal with your friends making fun of you!

I know how it feels to be teased by your friends! At one point in my life, I even came home every night crying! So I thought I’d give you some advice on how to deal with it!

Most people will tell you to walk away and ignore them but honestly, I find this extremely hard. Plus you don’t want to mess up the friendship between you and your friend/s

  1. Take a break from these friends! This does not (I repeat does not) mean to leave those friends behind! Just slow and gradually begin to play with other people! Then when you feel comfortable, join in the back with your friends.
  2. Stand up for yourself! I Know this can be hard and a bit overwhelming but sometimes you need to be confident! If in some cases you find there is no way you can wriggle out of this situation say you need to go to the toilet. I know this may seem wimpy but it’s what I do in problems like this!

3. If you’ve tried all of above and your friends still make fun of you Try to make fun of them! No this does not mean start bullying them! Just make a little joke once in a while about something they say! Don’t make it harsh or offensive, just something to giggle about! It might just make the attention equal for a while!

I hope this will help you with your ungrateful friends! Ask me any problem that you want solving!

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Feeling left out :(

I’m always kind of popular in school (just being honest) but when I’m out in acting or dancing class I’m always that not wanted person! I feel people think that I’m not good enough to even talk to them! I was wondering if any of you feel like that sometimes? Tell me! But here’s some advice I have for when your feeling left out:

  1. I’ve always believed that this is one of my favourite quote ” THE TRICK FOR CONFIDENCE IS TO THROW YOUR SHOULDERS BACK AND BE FRIENDLY TO PEOPLE.” I never really thought about the proper meaning till now! This actually might work!
  2. Who cares what other people think! Yes, I know we hear this all the time but seriously we really just need to relax! Stop feeling embarrassed or disappointed look at yourself, smile, and think “I can do this.”
  3. The trick to popularity in this sense is being friendly! This idea is actually quite smart! How many new people join your classes (for me a lot)? Every time someone joins make friends with them! In the end of the year, you’ll have a group of friends!

I hope this helps you guys! Tell me about the situations you’ve had when you feel left out